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10. évfolyam szakmunkás may, shall, can. could ,will, would segédigék
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1. -Ann "I'm cold." Joe:"Shall I close this window?"
2. Shall we go out for dinner tonight?
3. Shall I pick the children up from school today?
4. Shall Joe and I meet you at the station?
5. Shan’t we call the ambulance?
6. Shall I open the window?
7. Shall we say 6 o'clock, then?
8. Shall I help you with your luggage?
9. What shall I get for dinner?
10. Shall I come with you?
11. Shall I send you the book?
12. Shall we have some lunch?
13. Shall we go with this bus or the next?
14. Shall I help you with your luggage?
15. Shall I open the champagne?
16. Where shall we meet?
17. What shall we do? We can’t stay here all night.
18. What shall we do? We can’t stay here all night.
19. How shall we manage while you are away?
20. Shall I tell him, or shan't I?;
21. Shall we go now?
22. Shall I send you the book?
23. What shall I get for dinner?
24. Can I use your bike, John?
25. You can park over there.
26. You can have a piece of cake after you've eaten your vegetables!
27. Can I help you with those bags?
28. I'm afraid Ms Ferguson has already left the office. Can I be of any help?
29. Could I have a glass of water?
30. Could you post this letter for me?
31. I could dowith a hot cup of tea!
32. I wonder if we could borrow your lawnmower?
33. We could still win – the game isn’t over yet.
34. In a situation like this, anything could happen.
35. You could come and stay with us.
36. could always: You could always sell the cottage if you need some extra cash.
37. It’s all Helen’s fault. I could strangle her!
38. When I heard the news, I was so happy I could have cried.
39. May we come in now?
40. May I use your phone?
41. May I have a biscuit?
42. May I help?
43. May we offer you a glass of wine?
44. May I see your ticket, please?
45. Shut the door, will you?
46. Let’s finish the job now – it won’t take long.
47. Who do you think will win on Saturday?
48. I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have.
49. Will you please listen to what I’m saying!
50. Will someone kindly tell me what is going on around here?
51. Will you have a cup of tea?
52. Won’t you stay for lunch?
53. Will these gloves fit you?
54. £30 will buy enough food for a family for a week.
55. The engine won’t start.
56. If you will keep interrupting me, how can I answer your question?
57. They’ll happily spend the whole day playing computer games.
58. Will you have some more tea?
59. Won't you have a seat?

60. It would soon be dark.
61. I'd be amazed if I got the job.
62. Would you shut the window, please?
63. Would you mind waiting outside?
64. Would someone please tell me what is going on?
65. Would you like a coffee?
66. Yes, please, I'd love a coffee.
67. My parents would like to meet you.
68. Claudia would have liked to refuse (=wanted to refuse), but she didn't dare.
69. I'd hate (=I do not want) to disappoint you.

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